ShoreFi Broadband Pricing

Monthly Premium Internet 
$49 a month for 12 months, no contract*

Premium internet service with speeds up to 30mbps up and down with unlimited bandwidth and no device restrictions. This is comparable to "business-level" service. There is no rental fee for your ShoreFi Access Kit which creates a private WiFi network throughout your boat. We only ask for a fully refundable equipment deposit at time of order.

*After 12 months, monthly price is $59.

Monthly Monitoring Only

Off-season, do you want to be able to remotely monitor your boat with your security cameras and motion or moisture sensors?* We provide enough bandwidth for uploading video and data (up to 30mbps) while still allowing for basic incoming data commands (up to 256kpbs). *ShoreFi does not currently provide cameras or sensors but only the internet equipment and service.

Monthly Inactive

Don't want to return your equipment and then order again next season? Keep your account active and your Access Kit equipment ready for "instant on" all year round.